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Suggestions on the use of nozzle of NC flame cutting machine

Source of the article:admin popularity:Time of publication:2021-1-3

A: the cutting nozzle of CNC flame cutting machine is also one of the easily damaged consumables in the equipment parts. Therefore, proper cleaning and maintenance of CNC cutting nozzle can not only improve the working efficiency of CNC cutting machine, ensure its cutting quality, but also extend the service life of CNC flame cutting machine. So as to reduce production costs. CNC flame cutting machine has the ability to cut thick carbon steel. Because of its large thickness, vertical cutting surface and low cutting cost, it has always been a popular cutting method in CNC cutting equipment. In the daily use of processing, for the use of cutting nozzle related knowledge and precautions, including the selection of cutting nozzle, daily cleaning and maintenance, cutting height control and other aspects.
In the previous related technical articles, we have introduced in detail the use skills and key points of electrode cutting nozzle consumables for CNC cutting, especially the use of consumables in the plasma cutting mode. So what are the points worthy of attention of enterprises and operators for the use of cutting nozzle of CNC flame cutting machine? In the use process, considering that the numerical control flame cutting machine is mostly used in the medium and heavy plate processing workshop, the operator's maintenance is not enough, which will have an impact on the service life of the whole machine, especially as a vulnerable part of the flame cutting machine cutting nozzle, its maintenance and use is difficult to be in place, resulting in excessive consumption of cutting nozzle. In terms of cutting principle, flame cutting of cutting nozzle is a very important accessory to obtain high-precision cutting surface, and its correct operation will largely determine the cutting effect. To facilitate your understanding, we will explain in detail one by one:
Suggestion 1: dredge the cutting nozzle of CNC flame cutting machine regularly to prevent blockage
In the cutting process of CNC flame cutting machine, the slag splashed under high heat is easy to block the cutting nozzle, so the cleaning and maintenance of the cutting nozzle is very important. When cleaning the cutting nozzle, close the preheating oxygen hand valve; press the cutting oxygen button to open the cutting oxygen solenoid valve; close the cutting hand valve on the cutting torch so that the cutting nozzle needle can be inserted. In order to blow off the dust, move the needle up and down in the fast oxygen hole, and slowly open the cutting torch to cut the oxygen hand valve. In order to facilitate the use of users and enterprises, Wuhan jiabeide will distribute a set of needle for each set of equipment, which users can keep for use.
Suggestion 2: selection of cutting nozzle for NC flame cutting machine
Choose the suitable type of cutting nozzle of CNC flame cutting machine. The selection of cutting nozzle model needs to be comprehensively considered according to the gas used, cutting material and thickness. We have also listed this in detail in the previous technical articles, so we will not repeat it here.
Suggestion 3: cutting nozzle height control of NC flame cutting machine
Set the appropriate distance between the cutting nozzle and the workpiece. If the CNC flame cutting machine is not equipped with automatic height adjustment, the operator should always pay attention to the appropriate distance between the cutting nozzle and the workpiece. When the top of the primary flame (the core of the flame) is about 1 mm on the workpiece, it is the ideal spacing of the cutting nozzle. In addition, the height of cutting nozzle should be adjusted according to the use of cutting gas, such as 3 ~ 10mm for acetylene and 6-12mm for other gas. On the other hand, if the steel plate is deformed or irregular, it should be adjusted. When propane or natural gas is used as fuel gas and the cutting thickness is 50 mm, the height of cutting nozzle should be doubled.

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