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What should we do in case of thermal deformation of CNC cutt

Source of the article:admin popularity:Time of publication:2021-1-3

A: in the process of flame cutting and plasma cutting, we can often encounter the thermal deformation of CNC cutting machine. In order to reduce the impact of thermal deformation caused by cutting torch when walking, many enterprise operators focus on the control and grasp of the cutting process when dealing with this problem. Although it is an important way to effectively reduce the influence of thermal deformation to grasp the details and technology in the cutting process from the perspective of thermal deformation causes, the gantry type CNC cutting machine manufacturers found that reducing the influence of thermal deformation of CNC cutting machine requires both internal and external repair to have a significant effect.
1. Processing and methods before cutting workpiece:
The common method is to spray paint to prevent rust after shot blasting, then spray fine iron sand to the surface of steel plate with shot blasting machine, remove oxide scale by the impact of iron sand on steel plate, and then spray antirust paint with good flame retardant and conductivity.
2. Surface treatment of steel plate:
Under normal circumstances, after the steel plate is transported from the steel plant to the cutting workshop through a series of intermediate links, it is inevitable that a heavy oxide scale will appear on the surface of the steel plate. Or a layer of oxide scale is formed on the surface of steel plate during rolling. Moreover, these oxide scales have high melting point and are not easy to burn and dissolve, which not only increases the preheating time, but also reduces the cutting speed. At the same time, after heating, the oxide scale splashes everywhere, which is very easy to block the cutting nozzle of the CNC cutting machine, thus reducing the service life of the cutting nozzle of the cutting machine.
3. Control of thermal deformation:
In the actual cutting process of CNC cutting machine, due to the uneven heating and cooling of the steel plate, the internal stress of the material will cause the workpiece to bend or shift in varying degrees, which is manifested as shape distortion and cutting size deviation. As the internal stress of the material can not be balanced and completely eliminated, we can only take some measures to reduce the thermal deformation.

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