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Case presentation

The machine uses two robots to work at the same time, and realizes communication with each other, which greatly improves the production efficiency. When the workpiece is in the state of teaching or off-line programming, the welding program is generated, and the welding of the workpiece is completed automatically. The whole welding process does not need manual intervention, and the same workpiece does not need repeated teaching or off-line programming, and only needs simple call.
Under the guidance of contact locating and arc tracking, the workpiece can correct the deviation of weld in real time, which greatly improves the welding accuracy and quality. The anti deformation jig can adapt to the centering and pressing of single plate with different width, and the forward and reverse remote swing control.
The host control system is equipped with welding expert database and related communication interface, which is convenient for later expansion and secondary development. At the same time, it has the function of safety alarm and operation indication, which is humanized.
Bridge U-rib / plate rib unit structure form (length 16m * width 4.5m * height 0.4m); bridge diaphragm unit structure form (sectional length 16m * width 4.5m * height 1m); steel truss box member structure form (length 16m * width 4.5m * height 3M); steel truss I-member structure form (length 16m * width 1.2m * height 1m); welding robot: 4 sets (Austria IgM) Rte456s (double linkage)); digital inverter welding machine: 4 sets (tps5000, fornis, Austria); offline programming software: 1 set (IgM, Austria)