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Application of welding technology in machine tool industry

Source of the article:admin popularity:Time of publication:2021-1-3

Machine tool industry is an important part of the machinery industry, is the "chief technologist" of the machinery industry, is the basic industry of the national economy. Machine tool products are machines that make all machines, and their working accuracy is generally higher than that of the machined mechanical parts. Therefore, the technical level and service level of machine tool products play a decisive role in improving the production technology and economic benefits of machinery industry products.
As a result of the particularity of machine tool product decided the particularity of machine tool structure. For decades, casting structure has been the dominant structure of machine tools. Casting technology has always been the leading technology of machine tool products. After the 1980s, with the continuous increase of imported technology of machine tool products, more and more welding structures are adopted in the structure of machine tool products. Replacing casting with welding, forging with welding and cutting with welding have become the general development trend of machine tool manufacturing industry. Welding process has also become an important basic process of machine tool manufacturing industry, and has developed from a single processing process into a new comprehensive engineering technology including raw material pretreatment, cutting and blanking, forming welding, post welding inspection and post welding treatment. It has completely changed the situation that the casting structure has been "unified" in the past decades, and the machine tool manufacturing can not do without welding.

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