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Characteristics and functions of automatic welding equipment

Source of the article:admin popularity:Time of publication:2021-1-3

1、 The construction characteristics of automatic welding equipment
Welding equipment is the installation equipment which can complete the welding process. With the development of industrialization, welding equipment is also developing in the direction of high-efficiency automation, intelligent, energy saving and environmental protection. In fact, as for welding, there are many types of products and very complete specifications. In order to meet the practical needs of welding equipment better, the overall adjustment of welding equipment will be stopped.
1. Mechanical installation: the spot welding system in welding equipment is mainly composed of three parts: mechanical installation, power supply installation and control installation. In order to better meet the requirements of process in the process of practical application, the tooth opening degree of welding tongs is changed by switching stroke control handle to meet the requirements in welding.
2. Power supply installation: in the power supply system, resistance welding transformer, silicon controlled unit, main power switch, welding circuit and other components constitute the main power. Because of the common consumption in many models, the welding tongs need to weld high-strength steel plates and low carbon steel sheets, and the welding tongs gun arm must transmit large mechanical force and welding current. Therefore, the strength, rigidity and heat of the welding tongs meet certain requirements.
3. Control installation: in welding equipment, it is mainly used to provide signal control resistance welding machine to turn on and cut off welding current, and control welding current value, and stop monitoring and disposal of defects.
2、 The characteristics and functions of automatic welding equipment
Automatic welding machine is a kind of mechanical equipment which integrates motor control technology, single chip control technology, PLC control technology, digital control technology and other technologies. It has been widely used in automobile and ship manufacturing, metal processing, machining, hardware and electrical appliances, plastics, steel structure, pressure vessel, aerospace and other categories. Thus, the space for automatic welding machine is extremely wide.
1. it belongs to a highly automatic machine. The cutting and welding of filter paper can be stopped at the same time.
2. (1) the rotary table ultrasonic automatic welding speed is very fast, only one second can be completed; (2) cleaning work does not need to use flux, on the one hand, it can greatly reduce the risk of pollution, on the other hand, it can reduce the cost of cost, and can be processed repeatedly.
3. the ultrasonic system, electrical equipment, control parts and other accessories used by it are imported from original materials, and the machine is very accurate and stable.
4. it is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC program, and the operation is simple and convenient.

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