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What are the technical requirements of welding roller carrie

Source of the article:admin popularity:Time of publication:2021-1-3

The technical requirements of the welding roller frame industry standard are as follows:
(1) DC motor or AC wide speed regulating motor shall be used to drive the active roller through transmission The circumferential speed of the active roller shall meet the welding process requirements, and the range of stepless speed regulation is 6-60m / h. According to different welding processes, the speed fluctuation can be divided into class A and B. the speed of roller shall be uniform and stable, and crawling phenomenon is not allowed The manufacturing and assembly accuracy of welding roller frame shall meet the requirements of Grade 8 precision specified by the state. The material shall be made of high-quality steel, and stress shall be eliminated and heat treatment shall be carried out after welding The roller carrier must be equipped with reliable conductive device, and welding current is not allowed to flow through the bearing, causing damage The diameter of roller, rated load of roller frame and allowable diameter of cylinder type workpiece shall meet the requirements. If the cylinder type workpiece is welded to the anti axial shifting roller frame, the axial displacement of the workpiece shall be < during the whole welding process ±3mm 。 (6) The center distance of each pair of rollers must be adjusted according to the diameter of the cylinder workpiece to ensure that the angle of the two rollers to the shell is 45 °~110° .

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