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Some characteristics of welding roller carrier

Source of the article:admin popularity:Time of publication:2021-1-3

Welding roller carrier is a common welding auxiliary device, which is widely used in welding production process. The friction force between the weldment and the driving roller drives the cylindrical weldment to rotate, which can be combined with the welding operator and welding positioner to realize the automatic welding of the inner and outer circumferential seam, fillet weld and inner and outer longitudinal seam of the weldment. [1]
Welding roller carrier is characterized by applying pressure in the welding process without adding filler material. Most pressure welding methods, such as diffusion welding, high frequency welding and cold pressure welding, have no melting process, so there is no such problem as the burning of beneficial alloy elements and the invasion of harmful elements into the weld as fusion welding. The roller frame is welded to simplify the welding process and improve the welding safety and health conditions. At the same time, because the heating temperature is lower than that of fusion welding and the heating time is shorter, the heat affected zone is smaller. For many materials that are difficult to be welded by fusion welding, pressure welding can be used to form high-quality joints with the same strength as the base metal.

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