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What is the content of steel structure welding control

Source of the article:admin popularity:Time of publication:2021-1-3

Steel structure welding control content:
Quality control content in control stage: confirmation and necessary re inspection of base metal and welding material before welding, proper fixture, normal operation of welding equipment and instrument, adjustment of welding specification and necessary test, assessment of welder's operation technology level, quality control during welding, whether welding process parameters are stable, whether welding rod and flux dry welding material normally Whether the material selection is correct, whether the welding equipment operates normally, whether the welding heat treatment is timely, whether the quality control after welding, welding dimension, visual inspection of defects, quality inspection of welded joint, destructive test, physical and chemical test, metallographic test, other non-destructive test, non-destructive test, non-destructive test, strength and compactness test, welding area cleaning.

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