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Classification of welding operators

Source of the article:admin popularity:Time of publication:2021-1-3

There are many structural forms of welding manipulators, which are widely used. They can complete all kinds of welding operations by cooperating with the positioner. According to its structure and application characteristics, it can be divided into three types
1. Platform welding manipulator: platform welding manipulator is divided into monorail trolley type and double rail trolley type. In fact, there is a track for the monorail trolley type welding manipulator, but the track is generally set on the column of the workshop. The movement of the workshop bridge crane often causes the vibration of the platform, which affects the normal welding process. The mobility, application scope and purpose of platform welding manipulator are not as good as telescopic welding manipulator, and its application in China has been reduced year by year.
2. Cross arm welding manipulator: this kind of welding manipulator can be divided into cantilever welding manipulator and telescopic welding manipulator according to the structure of cross arm.
3. Gantry welding manipulator: this welding manipulator has two structures: one is that the welding trolley is located on the working platform which can be lifted along the gantry and can move laterally along the track on the platform; the other is that the welding head is installed on a set of lifting device, which is also located on the sports car which can move along the track of the beam.

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