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Troubleshooting and repair of transmission sliding shaft of

Source of the article:admin popularity:Time of publication:2021-1-3

The application of CNC active machine tool in the branch of CNC cutting machine tool can satisfy the cutting and processing of a large number of domestic production companies. In terms of machine tool operation principle, CNC cutting machine tool still uses the primary three-axis drive planning on the market, and achieves the intention of fine cutting and cutting through plane coordinate positioning. In some protection operations of CNC machine, the main shaft and sliding shaft are the most important parts of transmission, and some of them are modified relatively. The loss and defects of the two shafts are mainly caused by the inadequate protection work at ordinary times. There are also certain requirements for the application environment of the CNC switching machine. The large amount of metal dust or residue in the plant may also cause damage to the components.
Here are some simple solutions to the problems as follows:
1. After the surface of sliding bearing is damaged by grinding, the preferred correction scheme should be the method of stone scraper. Generally speaking, the sliding bearing has a margin for adjustment and repair, which can satisfy a repair cycle of NC cutting machine. If the damage is very serious and the repair margin is not satisfactory, it needs to be replaced. After the grinding of the two half Bush sliding bearing, the inner hole of the bearing bush can be scraped and grinded to request the accuracy after the thin gasket is assembled from the beginning, and it can be used continuously after correction.
2. When the journal is abraded, the method of grinding down the journal and replacing the sliding bearing can be adopted. However, the journal grinding should not be too large. For example, for the machine tool spindle, the grinding amount should not exceed the surface hardening of the journal. Perhaps the thickness of carburizing, nitriding and cyaniding, and the hardness of the journal surface after grinding should not be lower than the lower limit of the original planning hardness. For the transmission shaft, the journal should not be less than the dimension of the front journal or boss in the installation direction.
If the Journal of CNC cutting machine is corrected by welding, the influence of welding heating process on the precision, mechanical strength and surface hardness of the shaft should be considered. After journal modification, it is usually necessary to make sliding bearing (or shaft sleeve) from the beginning according to journal.

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