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Inseam positioner (large diameter)
Technical parameters of inner seam positioner (large diameter)
B-06 welding positioner:
1. Equipment bearing capacity: g = 600kg.
2. Table rotation speed: 0.09-0.9rpm.
3. Turnover speed of worktable: 0.9rpm.
4. Turning angle of worktable: 0-90 °.
5. Worktable size: 1000mm.
6. Height of equipment center: 790 mm.
7. Eccentricity: 150 mm.
8. Center of gravity distance: 200 mm.
9. Table rotation speed regulation mode: frequency conversion speed regulation.
10. Main control box + remote control box.
11. Rotary motor power: P = 0.75KW.
12. Turnover motor power: P = 0.75KW.
Medium operator:
1. Up and down stroke of telescopic boom: 600mm.
2. Left and right stroke of telescopic boom: 400mm.
3. Lifting transmission mode: screw + hand wheel.
4. Telescopic left and right transmission mode: gear rack pair + hand wheel.
5. End adjusting part stroke: 50 * 50mm.
6. Lifting mode of telescopic boom: Electric.
Performance characteristics of inner seam positioner (large diameter)
The product consists of hb-06 welding positioner, medium-sized operator and CO2 gas shielded welding machine.
Hb-06 welding positioner is the standard product of our company. Under the working condition, it only needs to rotate the worktable to 45 degrees to weld the inner seam of the pipe. The standard products have two functions: turning and turning. The turning speed of the worktable is adjusted by frequency conversion to meet the welding needs of different sizes of pipes. Flipping can change different angles to make the welding seam in a good welding position for weld forming.
Electrical control part: the main control cabinet + remote control box to realize the operation, which can be operated in a short distance and controlled in a long distance. In the main control cabinet, there are digital display of each action and speed adjustment knob. In the panel of the remote control box, there are main control operation buttons. The touch screen of PLC is fixed on the main control cabinet to facilitate program input and modification.
Inner seam positioner (large diameter) supply scope:
1. Hb-06 welding positioner: one set
2. Medium sized operator: one set
3. KR Ⅱ - 500 CO2 gas shielded welding machine: one set
4. Operation manual: one copy
5. Product certificate: one copy
6. Repair and maintenance manual: one copy
7. Electrical schematic: one copy.

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